Both our Snohomish and Monroe locations carry fencing supplies and equipment. This ranges from electric fencing wire, chargers, and components, to feeders and corral panels. We carry wooden posts, treated lumber, split rail fencing, and 3 hole dowel fencing supplies. Finish your fencing project with livestock panels, welded wire, hardware cloth, poultry netting, field fence, or no-climb horse fencing. We carry all of these products in various lengths, colors, and heights.

Can’t find what you need? Do you have a large project needing a bulk order? Send us an email. We will help customize your order, schedule a delivery, and bring in enough product so you can get the job done.

Power Wizard

Power Wizard manufactures electric fencing products and accessories, developing systems to operate in poor conditions and using the latest technology. We carry many of their products in stock, and have access to the entire line.

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Gallagher has been working with electric fences since the 1940's.Their animal managment fencing products can be found at Monroe Co-op. They also provide resources for choosing your materials and calculating the proper amount for your specific fence, as well as data collection options.

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The Powerfields Essentials line offers high-tensile wire and all the tools, hardware, and accessories needed to complete a fence project.


Behlen Country provides steel farm and ranch products around the world. We carry many Behlen products, and are able to special order any and all of their items available. Stop by the store or give us a call to find what you need!

Gates and Corral Panels


By the late sixties, Tarter was producing steel, spot welded and tubular gates, finally installing their own tube mill in the early seventies. They expanded the business to include steel gates and other farm and ranch equipment.

Noble Panels & Gates

Noble Panels & Gates manufactures portable and permanent fencing panels for horses or livestock.. Noble Panels also builds round pens, horse shelters, paddocks, mesh fencing, saddle racks, and gates.

A word on fence types

Wondering which fence type to choose? Here's a look at some pros and cons.


Typically used for livestock containment, electric fences are easy and cheap to install, even over uneven terrain. This makes them extremely versatile, turning the task of sectioning land into a quick and simple one. They are also friendlier to livestock than barbed wire, which can cut and tear. That being said, they are not child-friendly, and also do little to deter small animals.


Wood fences built right can have a lot of aesthetic appeal. They also offer privacy, and provide a solid barrier to animals. However, they are costly and time-consuming to install, and are more susceptible to weather damage, insect damage, and mold/fungus growth than a metal fence.


Chain link fences are more weather-resistant than wood and are a good deterrent for small animals, such as dogs. However, the chain-link fence height commonly seen in residential use does little to hold out deer. A wood fence can be built taller without looking like a boundary of an industrial complex, and is easier on the eyes overall.


Chicken wire fencing is cheap to install, and good for temporary and/or light-duty applications, such as garden fencing. When using it to keep out small, plant-eating animals like rabbits, extend the fence below ground to prevent them from digging under.

See Examples here.

Metal Fences

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Wooden Fences

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