About Snohomish Co-Op

Snohomish Co-op was started in 1935 to provide fuel to local farmers and to provide cooperative purchasing benefits for Snohomish County residents. It is structured as a cooperative with over 14,000 members and is open to all. Members receive discounts, offers, and invitations to special events throughout the year and are involved with patronage allocations on an annual basis.

Farm & Feed Supplies

The Snohomish Co-Op provides farm supplies and feed to people all throughout Snohomish County and beyond. View our product directory or schedule a delivery.

Serving Snohomish County

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Board of Directors

Mark Craven

Vice President
Alison Gamage

Michelle Canfield

General Manager
John Beal

Lindsey Purdy

Claire Talltree

Neil Landaas

Dave Hutzenbiler